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Nigeria's 2023 presidential elections in maps

Nigeria’s future uncertain as Tinubu’s election promises business as usual administration

A new administration is coming to Abuja, with some familiar faces and the same old daunting problems to fix. An uncomfortably small proportion of Nigeria’s 220m-plus population voted in an election that could have a big impact, but only if Bola Tinubu surprises his detractors by driving forward with a diverse package of reforms and reconciliation measures that have defied previous governments, writes Jon Marks.

Issue 480 - 19 March 2023

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New report suggests SDG7 could be achieved by 2034

African Energy staff led research for the Africa-EU Energy Partnership’s second annual European Financial Flows on SDG7 to Africa report.

By 2027, almost 30% of Africa’s electricity will be generated using natural gas

Despite questions from some quarters over its applicability as a ‘transition fuel’, African Energy Live Data expects 18.3GW generated from natural gas to come online by 2027.

Research underlines challenges faced by carbon and renewable credits markets

Almost 50% of respondents to an African Energy survey said the certification of carbon or renewable credits is too costly or time-intensive.

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