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Mozambique makes progress on large power generation and transmission plans

Maputo’s goal to become a regional power exporter continues to take shape, with investors committed to a substantial pipeline of renewable and gas-fired plants. Utility EDM is also promoting expansion of national and international interconnections, while progress is reported on the strategic 1.5GW Mphanda Nkuwa hydroelectric project, writes Marc Howard.

Issue 509 - 08 July 2024

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New thinking on Africa’s electricity problems demands commitment and faith

With African electricity supply industries in a state of flux, everyone agrees the infrastructure needed for economic development can only come from the private sector, but the existing financial and commercial models are inadequate – and a desperate need for investment in transmission only makes this financing challenge harder. Some new thinking about how to crack these problems was presented at the African Energy Forum in Barcelona, but the boldest ideas require a leap of faith, writes John Hamilton*

Issue 509 - 15 July 2024

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New data: African power generation additions lowest in five years

Since 2018, Africa has seen a downward trend in annual net power generation capacity additions. Of the 4.5GW added in 2023, 1.4GW came from hydroelectric power.

New report suggests SDG7 could be achieved by 2034

African Energy staff led research for the Africa-EU Energy Partnership’s second annual European Financial Flows on SDG7 to Africa report.

Data illustrates the performance and prospects for renewable energy in Africa

The latest figures from Live Data show the direction of the continent's on-grid power generation industry over the next five years

Research underlines challenges faced by carbon and renewable credits markets

Almost 50% of respondents to an African Energy survey said the certification of carbon or renewable credits is too costly or time-intensive.

North Africa power trends: Renewable energy potential only partially met in gas-addicted region

African Energy has analysed the latest on-grid power generation data for North Africa.

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