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Kenya looks to its options as reserve margin falls to lowest in more than a decade

The latest data from Kenya Power indicates that spare power capacity fell to just 4% in December, the first time in over a decade the reserve margin had slipped below 10%. The regulator is concerned and the authorities are eyeing up the potential for bigger imports from Ethiopia and possible gas supply from Tanzania or beyond, writes Neville Otuki in Nairobi.

Issue 477 - 05 February 2023

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Africa in 2023: the (relatively few) rich get richer while times remain hard for the majority

A realignment of global alliances is ever more apparent as the first anniversary of Russia’s attempted conquest of Ukraine approaches and global power and wealth seem to concentrate in ever fewer hands. This has been seen in the solidarity among members of the Opec+ oil exporters’ alliance, in which long western-aligned Saudi Arabia and President Vladimir Putin’s Russia remain the driving forces.

Issue 475 - 28 December 2022

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Research underlines challenges faced by carbon and renewable credits markets

Almost 50% of respondents to an African Energy survey said the certification of carbon or renewable credits is too costly or time-intensive.

Africa’s wind power capacity expected to more than double by end-2025

New data shows African wind power capacity could rise from 7,532MW at end-2021 to an estimated 16,524MW by 2025.

Revealing insights into Africa's energy future

Providing market intelligence, industry reports and monitoring and evaluation services that support decision-making throughout all stages of the project development and investment cycle.

Solar PV’s growing importance to Africa’s C&I sector

Solar photovoltaic (PV) generation is rapidly growing as a source for Africa’s C&I sector, according to trends identified by African Energy Live Data.

Data reveals impact of Covid pandemic on Africa’s power generation growth

A net 5,733MW was added to the continent’s grid during 2021, the lowest figure since 2012.

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