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State-owned utility Eskom is in crisis, as is the republic itself, both riven by a legacy of corruption and mismanagement. The problems of the electric power sector are driving a wider political crisis and this in turn has weakened the government’s ability to respond.

Nevertheless, South Africa remains the most important market for large scale private sector power projects on the continent. African Energy has followed developments in detail.

Green hydrogen (GH2) prospects in Africa are developing at breakneck speed. Since 2021,  developers and governments have advanced at least 30 schemes.  Intense competition is growing for sites with the best wind, solar irradiation, water supply, logistics and access to market. Is this a new scramble for Africa?

And unlike the 19th and 20th century quests for physical resources will this zero-carbon version bring with it sustainable development?

Egypt's green energy ambitions, thumbnail map

BP joins Egypt’s green hydrogen crowd

Issue 477 - 03 February 2023

As security and economic crises pose ever more challenges, it would be a good time for Nigeria to unleash its more positive forces to avoid an even worse malaise.  But few believe the new president will be able to quickly turn things around.

C&I investments from large private sector players are advancing as are some electrification and off-grid schemes but the industry remains mired in critical liquidity issues.  The new president must also decide whether to accelerate oil and gas reforms.

The modelling phase of the Continent System Master Plan, scheduled to conclude at end-2023, aims to show what transmission and generation investments and infrastructure are needed to meet long-term power and economic development needs.

African Energy is following the process and related transmission projects while assessing how the exercise could contribute to transforming the sector.

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