How we source and maintain our data

Having been involved at the heart of the debate surrounding the development of the energy sector in Africa for more than 20 years, African Energy recognises that reliable and comprehensive information is often hard to come by.

African Energy Live Data is based on the principle that accurate, timely information is crucial to support decision making at every stage of the investment and project cycle. Acting on this, we have created the most comprehensive database on the African power sector that is generated from the ground up, so all figures correspond to a power plant or project on the ground that the Live Data team has investigated and verified.

The database does not rely on a single source but instead uses tried and tested techniques developed through the African Energy newsletter, which has been providing accurate insight into the African power sector since 1998.

Staff expertise

All our research is done in house by staff we have selected and recruited based on their aptitude and attention to detail and whose work is overseen by experienced sector analysts.

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Editorial standards

African Energy prides itself on its adherence to strict editorial standards and accuracy.  We endeavour to go beyond other available information sources to provide as much accurate, primary data as is possible to give its subscribers, within the bounds of confidentiality factors.

Documentary research

Our approach is to use primary materials such as annual reports, licence and permitting documents wherever possible.

Data from secondary sources such as newspapers is verified by one of our experienced staff before it is included in the database.

If Live Data staff don’t have a high degree of confidence in the information, then it will not go into the database – more research is required by our team.

Engaging with project stakeholders

Our staff and network of trusted sources and correspondents maintain a constant engagement with public and private sector stakeholders across the industry and provide updates and insights back to our data team.

We contact project stakeholders to put together project profiles and verify the information they contain.

To submit or verify project-level information please contact Camilla Nytun.

Tel: +44(0)1424 721667.

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How we source our data