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Namibia in play as majors and minnows bring on drilling campaigns

Namibia’s slow-burning oil and gas opening is finally picking up pace, as independents and majors prepare to drill. Is it possible that a country with no history of hydrocarbons production could become a significant player in southern Africa’s developing gas industry, asks James Gavin.

Issue 437 - 29 April 2021


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Chad: After Déby’s death come even greater doubts about Sahel ‘stability’

According to the most widely accepted version of still hazy events, President Idriss Déby Itno (IDI) was injured on 17-18 April fighting rebels near Mao in the Kanem region, some 300km from N’djamena; he was pronounced dead early on 20 April. The military leader, who became president in 1990, had just been re-elected (with 79.32% of the official vote) for a sixth term in a vote on 11 April.

Issue 437 - 29 April 2021

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