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Younger liberals fill Moroccan government as Akhannouch confronts challenges

New prime minister Aziz Akhannouch has thought hard about forming an administration that can drive the next phase of social and economic reform after the Islamist PJD government was eviscerated in elections. The business magnate has excited Morocco’s economic elite by forming a government filled with liberal-minded individuals and promising to deliver King Mohammed’s new development model, whose success could persuade alienated voters that the Makhzen really can offer a significantly better future for the majority, write Our Casablanca Correspondent and Jon Marks

Issue 448 - 15 October 2021


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TotalEnergies offers a glimpse of a corporate world in transition

TotalEnergies’ latest Strategy and Outlook paper, Building a sustainable multi-energy company, offers a heavily-illustrated, if light-on-detail, glimpse of how the corporate giants formally known as ‘oil majors’ may change in the coming decade. The document, presented at a 28 September shareholders meeting, is strong on TotalEnergies’ plan for “reinvention”, from being a bad old oil major to one with a cleverly constructed – and often very valuable – sustainable energy strategy.

Issue 447 - 07 October 2021


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