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Central Africa power pipeline and trends map

Private projects to add 2.1GW of capacity in Central Africa by 2027

Analysis of the latest information on the African Energy Live Data platform shows generation capacity in the Central African region should expand by 2.4GW by 2027, almost all of it built by private developers. And while hydroelectric power provides the bulk of 4.3GW existing capacity, other sources of renewable power are starting to gain a stronger foothold.

Issue 480 - 20 March 2023

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Green hydrogen in Africa map, cropped

European Hydrogen Bank can help Africa achieve its green fuel potential

Its wealth of renewable energy resources, availability of land and proximity to markets mean Africa holds the key to Europe’s vision of a net zero future based on green hydrogen (GH2) use. The manufacture of carbon-free liquid fuels could also transform the continent, but project sponsors, financers and offtakers need to ensure this is done fairly, while contributing to economic and social development. The establishment of the European Hydrogen Bank can be a crucial step in that direction.

Issue 480 - 16 March 2023

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