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Crunch time for Nigerian power sector as reforms are tested across the industry

Africa’s largest economy is finally moving to resolve some of its most chronic failings, with another effort to privatise five power plants, huge multilateral support for the insolvent transmission and distribution sector, the planned implementation of the Petroleum Industry Bill and commitments to further reforms. Even so, African Energy’s research suggests the expected upturn will come nowhere close to meeting Nigeria’s needs in the period to 2025. Jon Marks* asks whether results can at least get closer to the promises of Nigeria’s electricity supply industry.

Issue 443 - 22 July 2021


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National destinies collide as Egypt wrangles with Ethiopia

A collision of interests over two of Africa’s most high-profile national mega-projects – Egypt’s planned El Dabaa nuclear plant and the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (Gerd) – illustrates that grand schemes come with heavy geopolitical as well as financial costs, and that all the players have to calculate their interests carefully in a volatile region.

Issue 443 - 22 July 2021

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