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Ghana LNG regasification unit arrives, start-up expected Q1

The arrival of a floating regasification unit at Tema is the final piece in the jigsaw for sub-Saharan Africa’s first offshore LNG import project. Long-awaited LNG imports are intended to reduce the cost of gas while stabilising supply in the east of the country, writes Dan Marks 

Issue 430 - 14 January 2021


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Global boost needed to make Africa energy supply more sustainable

Efforts to mitigate climate change, while electricity supply industries, transport networks and other big consumers of energy are put on a more sustainable, less carbon-intense footing, will rise sharply up the global agenda in 2021, ahead of the next big round of climate talks to be held on 1-12 November in Glasgow. This is likely to involve a rush into green bonds, new project financing and other instruments that could significantly increase the pace of Africa’s shift into a more sustainable energy future.

Issue 430 - 14 January 2021

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