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Power-brokers play the blame game as heatwave fries Libya

A reckless attempt by Prime Minister Abdel Hamid Dabaiba to spend his way into an unchallengeable position of authority has brought Libya to the brink of ruin. More than a decade after the revolution that toppled Colonel Muammar Qadhafi’s Jamahiriya system, both money and viable political options have all but run out, leaving an exhausted, impoverished and furious population confronting a crisis of existential proportions during an unbearable early summer heatwave.

Issue 464 - 01 July 2022

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Investors revive interest in large African hydropower projects

It is more than a whisper: international institutions and private equity (PE) investors are again exploring major hydroelectric power (HEP) deals, after years during which environmental, social and governance (ESG) concerns made big dams a problematic issue for development finance institutions (DFI) and other potential investors.

Issue 463 - 28 June 2022

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