Research underlines challenges faced by carbon and renewable credits markets

Solar panels, Kenya

Almost 50% of respondents to an African Energy survey said the certification of carbon or renewable credits is too costly or time-intensive.

14 October 2022

We were seeking to understand how much of the voluntary carbon market – estimated by the World Bank Group to be worth $1bn in 2022 – was from credits issued from African projects and also to assess the wider challenges faced by buyers and sellers.

Carbon credits survey

The price of carbon and the lack of long-term price visibility has been a long-standing challenge – an observation with which some 30% of respondents firmly agreed.

A lack of information about carbon or renewable credit markets was also a significant challenge for 30% of respondents.
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Ajay Ubhi

Head of data

Ajay’s role is to conduct and oversee research and analysis for African Energy’s consultancy work, with a focus on power sector forecasting and data analytics. Read more

Ajay Ubhi