North Africa power trends: Renewable energy potential only partially met in gas-addicted region

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African Energy has analysed the latest on-grid power generation data for North Africa.

4 May 2023

The long-term prospects for the development of giga-scale renewable energy projects in North Africa have never been better, driven by the promise of export-led green hydrogen (GH2) projects and the advantages of adding cheap non-emitting capacity to already well-developed grids.

But analysis of the African Energy Live Data project pipeline suggests that, at present, the extraordinary wealth of wind and solar resources in the region from Egypt to Morocco could be squandered – and a change of approach may be needed in many jurisdictions.

Take a look  below at a clip from a webinar presenting our analysis of power generation trends for North Africa.

Data is from our African Energy Live Data platform, which features continually updated and verified data on more than 7,000 power plants and projects and the organisations behind them.

A recording of the webinar is available here.

A full text analysis of with interactive graphics may be read here.

We use African Energy Live Data to provide clients with analysis of the current status and trajectory of Africa’s power generation sector.  We can tailor our data and analysis offering for a wide range of uses including support for sales and investment opportunities, energy modelling, mapping, sector and competitor analysis or case studies.

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John Hamilton

Managing director and senior analyst, North Africa

John is an experienced analyst on North Africa’s energy markets. He plays an active role in African Energy’s business development, ensuring clients are provided with high-quality quantitative and qualitative research. Read more

John Hamilton