Africa’s wind power capacity expected to more than double by end-2025

Egypt wind farm

New data shows African wind power capacity could rise from 7,532MW at end-2021 to an estimated 16,524MW by 2025.

9 August 2022

Our analysis of projects listed on the African Energy Live Data platform shows estimated wind power capacity of 7,991MW across the continent. Spread across 126 projects this gives an average wind power project size of 63MW.

Selected trends

  • ‘Africa’s wind power capacity has been consistently growing in double-digit percentages every year for the past decade.
  • The average wind power project size is 63MW.
  • Total on-grid capacity expected to rise from 7,177MW at end-2021 to reach 15,877MW by 2025.
  • On-grid capacity represents 95% of total currently operating wind, spread across 96 projects.
  • Between them, North Africa and Southern Africa have 6,456MW of operational wind power – or 86% of the continent’s total operating capacity.
  • In 2021, 71% of all operating on-grid wind capacity was privately-owned. This figure is likely to rise as high as 83% by 2025.

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We use African Energy Live Data to provide clients with analysis of the current status and trajectory of Africa’s power generation sector.  We can tailor our data and analysis offering for a wide range of uses including support for sales and investment opportunities, energy modelling, mapping, sector and competitor analysis or case studies.

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Ajay Ubhi

Head of data

Ajay’s role is to conduct and oversee research and analysis for African Energy’s consultancy work, with a focus on power sector forecasting and data analytics. Read more

Ajay Ubhi