Sub-Saharan African power generation trends: East Africa leads the way

SSA power trends

African Energy has analysed the latest on-grid power generation data for sub-Saharan Africa.

6 April 2023

Our analysis shows that at least 49GW of power generation capacity will be added in sub-Saharan African countries between 2023 and 2027.

East Africa will lead the way with some 14.7GW.

Take a look below at a clip from a webinar presenting our analysis of trends for each of the regions of Sub-Saharan Africa.

Data is from our African Energy Live Data platform, which features continually updated and verified data on more than 7,000 power plants and projects and the organisations behind them.

A recording of the webinar with graphics from the presentation is available here.

We use African Energy Live Data to provide clients with analysis of the current status and trajectory of Africa’s power generation sector.  We can tailor our data and analysis offering for a wide range of uses including support for sales and investment opportunities, energy modelling, mapping, sector and competitor analysis or case studies.

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Ajay Ubhi

Head of data

Ajay’s role is to conduct and oversee research and analysis for African Energy’s consultancy work, with a focus on power sector forecasting and data analytics. Read more

Ajay Ubhi