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Amid controversy, UAE appoints multi-faceted Al-Jaber to lead COP28

Sultan Al-Jaber’s appointment to preside over the end-year COP28 climate talks in Dubai brings a storied United Arab Emirates official to global prominence. His leadership in renewables developer Masdar and other UAE sustainable energy initiatives is welcome, but Al-Jaber’s powerful role as head of Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (Adnoc) has added to climate campaigners’ fears that big hydrocarbons producers will take the COP process even further off track, write Jon Marks and African Energy staff.

Issue 476 - 15 January 2023

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New report suggests SDG7 could be achieved by 2034

African Energy staff led research for the Africa-EU Energy Partnership’s second annual European Financial Flows on SDG7 to Africa report.

By 2027, almost 30% of Africa’s electricity will be generated using natural gas

Despite questions from some quarters over its applicability as a ‘transition fuel’, African Energy Live Data expects 18.3GW generated from natural gas to come online by 2027.

Research underlines challenges faced by carbon and renewable credits markets

Almost 50% of respondents to an African Energy survey said the certification of carbon or renewable credits is too costly or time-intensive.

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