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African Energy's parent company Cross Border Information (CbI) has launched its fourth annual private sector survey for the Infrastructure Consortium for Africa (ICA).

With almost 7GW of generation capacity installed during 2015 and new projects being announced on a regular basis, capacity is expected to increase to over 70GW by 2020 according to African Energy’s research. Concerns over lack of gas availability have eased following the discovery of the giant...

Led by Jon Marks, African Energy's consultancy team and analysts from parent company Cross-border Information prepared the 'Status Report Update: 2016' for the Africa-EU Energy Partnership (AEEP) Secretariat

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Senegal renewables, gas promise much, but challenges remain

Senegal is a relatively small economy with a reputation for competent, if sometimes flawed, governance of its limited resources. The prospect of an administration with a taste for joined-up government tapping recently identified offshore gas resources, and attracting...

Currency risk threatens projects, deeper local markets needed

The much-anticipated partial float of the naira, introduced from 20 June, reflected a concession by President Muhammadu Buhari, who had resisted devaluation as he did during his first stint as president in the 1980s. Buhari was forced by deteriorating economic conditions and...

Kabila clings to DRC’s ship of state, sinking hopes of progress

Democratic Republic of Congo catches the imagination of those who see its potential to drive Africa’s future through its mineral wealth, resourceful population and the Inga Falls hydroelectric resource. But grandiose visions tend to founder on rocky realities in this vast,...

DR Congo
Cameroon remains an enigma for investors

Cameroon may be the Central African Economic and Monetary Community’s largest economy, but it remains a political and commercial enigma. Decision-making can move at a glacial pace, in a political system dominated by President Paul Biya, whose apparent aspirations to be re-...


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