Find the gaps, monitor the risks

African Energy Live Data aims to provide a comprehensive picture of the power sector as a whole. Alongside a team of experts constantly working on project-level data, Live Data provides the latest aggregated power sector statistics.


Electricity generation

See the energy mix, past present and future, alongside key trends in private and public ownership, grid connection, and technology. Statistics in the Data Tool are generated from the ground up, so no figure exists that does not correspond to a power plant on the ground that the Live Data team has investigated. The result is a unique dataset which bypasses the many obstacles facing national and institutional statistics on the continent.

Electricity sector vital statistics

Understand your chosen market with indicators for access to electricity and non-solid cooking fuel. Investors are increasingly cognisant of the importance of considering the whole value chain when doing business on a continent where money does not always flow very effectively from one end to the other. Knowing the stats means knowing the potential for growth, as well as the challenges faced by the utilities and governments seeking to expand access to power in their countries.

Economy and demographics

Identify gaps in the market and potential oversupply risks by comparing the project pipeline to trends in population and GDP. With African populations set to boom, can supply keep up with demand? Or has the commodity downturn left economic growth failing to keep pace with power sector investments, leaving an oversupply? The Data Tool will help you answer these questions.


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