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Juba peace deal creates space for Sudanese oil cooperation

The signing of a peace agreement with a coalition of rebel groups hands Sudan’s interim leadership a chance to press the restart button on relations with the regions, potentially ending years of conflict and yielding opportunities for the country’s shrunken oil sector, writes James Gavin

Issue 425 - 22 October 2020

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Vested interests counter change as Nigeria reintroduces oil law

Supporters of a revamped Petroleum Industry Bill (PIB) believe that, this time, the outcome for legislation to reform Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) and the hydrocarbons sector will be different from past disappointments, when vested interests stalled efforts to overhaul an underperforming and opaque sector. Senate president Ahmad Lawan on 29 September committed the bicameral National Assembly to pass legislation to make the industry more effective and efficient. After years of delay,“we will break that jinx and see to the passage of the bill”, Lawan promised. The Senate on 30 September approved the a 239-page draft PIB’s first reading, opening the way for more hearings.

Issue 425 - 22 October 2020


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