AFSIC – Investing in Africa


09 October 2023 - 10 October 2023


Africa Events Limited (AEL) is transforming Africa’s business, trade and investment environment growing Africa’s economy, reducing poverty and increasing African incomes in all business sectors at a continental scale across all 54 countries in Africa.

AEL and our sister company, African Investments Limited,, operate three business platforms matching Africa’s business, trade and investment opportunities at scale: 

  • AFSIC – Investing in Africa, perhaps Africa’s most important investor event – takes place annually in London. It is attended physically by many of Africa’s largest investors, most significant companies, and Africa’s leading Regional and National Trade and Investment Promotion Agencies.
  • AFSIC African Investments Dashboard, a fintech platform originating Africa’s largest and most attractive investment opportunities and matching them to regulated institutional investors with a mandate to invest in Africa. 
  • Africa Business Opportunities Dashboard, a fintech platform matching business, trade, and investment opportunities across Africa covering all business products, sectors, countries in Africa and multiple business objectives. Customers joining the Africa Business Opportunities Dashboard are described as joining the “Africa Business Community”. 

AEL’s Managing Director, Rupert McCammon, has a long track record in promoting investment, business, and trade opportunities in Africa. He was the past CEO of the Botswana Stock Exchange, at a time when it was the best performing stock exchange globally and built Botswana’s largest investment bank.

The need for increased investment into Africa is undoubted. Mckinsey (Source: Solving Africa’s infrastructure paradox) estimates that the shortfall in annual investment into Infrastructure is immense, with more than 50% of infrastructure projects remaining stuck in the feasibility stage. Only 20% of projects survive the feasibility and planning stage, and only half of those actually achieve financial close. AEL’s platforms are helping Africa identify and close more transactions at a continental scale – whether these are investment transactions with the largest corporate players on the continent, or business and trade transactions where participants are connected for the first time. 

The success of AEL and our ability to perform a significant role in Africa’s business, trade and investment universe has been achieved through the in-house development of sophisticated digital processes and automated matching platforms. These platforms won the 2022 Global Salesforce Innovation Award for Financial Services. Salesforce is the 60th largest listed company in the world, and one of the leading tech companies globally.

Africa Events Limited works with major National Trade and Investment Promotion Agencies, and Governments to promote African business links. As an example in support of Prosper Africa goals of increasing two-way trade and investment between the United States and Africa, Africa Events Limited has been engaged to significantly increase US exports to Africa, as well as to assist building new supply chains from Africa to the US. Prosper Africa is a whole-of government initiative that leverages the services and resources of 17 US Government Agencies. 

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