New data underlines Africa's wind power potential

Africa wind power data trends

7 October 2021

According to data released by African Energy, more than 11GW of on-grid wind capacity is expected online before the end of 2025.

Outside of South Africa and Egypt, Morocco, Ethiopia and Kenya are major consumers of wind generation. According to the current project pipeline, wind power’s expansion across the continent will be contained to these major markets up to 2025.

The findings, based on underlying aggregate data from African Energy Live Data, our proprietary database of more than 6,700 power projects and plants, are presented in a new industry report.

African Energy's Wind Power Data Insights Report 2010-25, uses tables and graphics to illustrate the current status and trajectory of Africa’s rapidly expanding wind power sector.

In terms of investment, the report shows that Spain, South Africa and China combined have invested more than $3bn into African wind power since 2010.

The customisable excel format of the reports provides incisive read-outs to support strategic decision-making, plus enables users to set their own parameters and to develop and test conclusions within their own analytical frameworks.
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Ajay Ubhi

Head of data

Ajay’s role is to conduct and oversee research and analysis for African Energy’s consultancy work, with a focus on power sector forecasting and data analytics. Read more

Ajay Ubhi