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Government backs dams, AfDB supports renewables

For a country with so much energy potential, Mozambique’s power sector is relatively underdeveloped. Big dam projects remain at the planning stage, and the grid is yet to connect urban areas in the south to generation in the centre. While Mozambique’s energy policy is focused on developing its vast reserves of offshore natural gas and its largescale hydro potential, small-scale renewables have received little attention despite their potential in large areas away from the grid.

This four page-report provides an overview of Mozambique's power sector, including planned renewables projects. The report contains a full-page map detailing Mozambique's electricity infrastructure. The map is a PDF file, made using eps graphics, allowing the map to be enlarged without loss of resolution.

Example project entry from the update:

Massingir (60MW). Project on Olifants River in Gaza Province. Construction began in 1970s, but halted by civil war. Dam finally commissioned in Jun 07, but after one year, dam’s bottom outlets ruptured, flooding 90,000ha of farmland. Rehab work suffered financing difficulties. Addition of 60MW HEP plant had been planned before dam’s collapse in 2008 by Hidroélectrica de Massingir, set up in 2007 by the southern regional water authority and local subsidiary of Portuguese engineering company Bruno & Lopes. EDM had been in discussions with Statkraft Norfund subsidiary Agua Imara to develop the project, but the tender was cancelled in 2011 pending finalisation of funding.

For more detailed information on Mozambique's electricity sector, read about our African Energy Projects Database or contact David Slater



This report was published as part of African Energy 300, 14 May 2015 and can be accessed as part of an African Energy subscription, or purchased seperately.