Kenya Power Report 2019-20

Kenya Power Report 2019/20 is the second in a series of easy to digest studies presented by African Energy’s consultancy group. The report examines the effects of the new Energy Act, signed in to law by President Kenyatta in March 2019, and outlines the market’s attractions and downsides for power developers, financiers and other stakeholders.

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Ghana Power Report

Ghana Power Report 2019/20 is the first in a series of easy to digest studies presented by African Energy’s consultancy group. The report questions comfortable assumptions about Ghanaian governance, policy implementation and investability.

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This report collects African Energy newsletter's off-grid reporting and analysis for 2018 into a single downloadable report, providing a handy guide to a key year in what is an exciting period of expansion, partnership, innovation and learning.

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African Energy Data Book

The African Energy Data Book has been designed to support industry professionals with 128 pages of comprehensive statistics on the energy mix in each of the continent’s countries and regions.

The statistics are built out of the giant database underpinning the African Energy Live Data platform, which contains more than 5,500 project records individually curated and updated by the African Energy team. Avoiding opaque forecasting and projections, the data is instead derived from an analysis of timelines for every project in the pipeline. Each figure can be traced back to real developments on the ground and not a generalised algorithm or...

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African Energy Atlas 2018

First published in December 2007, the African Energy Atlas has become an indispensable resource for all energy industry professionals, policy makers and academics with an interest in the continent. 

At 100 pages, the African Energy Atlas 2018/2019 is the largest and most comprehensive edition yet, with maps and articles covering new trends, finance, economic indicators, electricity (generation, transmission and distribution and the emergence of off-grid systems) upstream oil and gas exploration and production, LNG and gas processing facilities and associated hydrocarbon infrastructure including pipelines, refineries and tanker terminals.

Coverage of the power sector is enhanced by drawing on...

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