Solar Data Insights Report 2010–24

13 Aug 2020

Accurate, complete and contextualised data based on actual and announced projects, not estimates.

Discover where and how your business can obtain positions in Africa’s growing solar market. Using real historical data and projections based on announced projects, not estimates, we accurately describe solar market trends and realities to help you manage threats and identify potential opportunities.

We appreciate the challenges you face

  • Investors, developers and operators in the African energy sector face challenging market conditions. Understanding historic solar trends will help you make sense of the current position. Knowing what is planned for the future will help you see how you can fit in an evolving competitive landscape.

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Don’t miss out on key trends and independent solar generation forecasts

  • We are experts in the African energy sector, constantly monitoring developments, highlighting industry trends and revealing the latest market developments in all renewable and conventional fuel types. This means we analyse the history, current condition and future development of solar power in the context of the entire generation mix.
  • Benefit from independent power generation forecasts based on the actual project development pipeline.
  • Compare historic trends, current position and planned developments of solar generation by country, or region or see how the sector has developed across Africa.

See the complete picture with African Energy Solar Data Insights

  • African Energy Data Insights provide unrivalled data to help you shape strategy for your business in a challenging and evolving market.
  • African Energy Solar Data Insights harnesses African Energy Live Dataour proprietary database of more than 6,200 power projects, to provide comprehensive information on installed solar capacity – compared with other fuel types by country, region and pan-African from 2010 to 2024.
  • The report presents maps showing solar capacity in Africa in 2019 and 2024, indicating an increasing likelihood of tremendous growth.
  • Data examines falling costs of solar by technology, ownership and project size, 2010-24 as well as total installed capacity (MW) of technology, ownership and project size, 2010-24.
  • Long term solar installed capacity (MW) projection, 2019-30 projects that capacity will reach an estimated 18GW by 2030 – a 1.5 times increase on 2020.
  • The impact of support measures is examined, including the International Finance Corporation’s Scaling Solar initiative, Egypt’s Feed-in-Tariff I & II, Moroccan Agency for Sustainable Energy Noor programme, KfW-backed Global Energy Transfer Feed-in-Tariff (GETFiT) programme and South Africa’s Renewable Energy Independent Power Procurement Programme (REIPPP).

Reasons you should buy African Energy Solar Data Insights 2010-24:

  • Use our report to gain an understanding of how solar trends may impact on your operations and investments.
  • Access and analyse our data through an interactive Excel-based dashboard.
  • Base decisions on real historic data and independent forecasts based on announced projects, not estimates.
  • Understand from the data how certain solar markets are expected to see slower growth while others are set for a very steep growth trajectory.
  • See a clear picture of how solar is and will be positioned in the wider energy mix.
  • Learn how falling costs of solar have impacted on technologies employed, ownership and project size, 2010-24 and how these trends will impact on total installed capacity.
  • Understand the possible longer term (2019-30) potential of solar across Africa.

Learn more about the methodology behind the report

African Energy Solar Data Insights 2010-24


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