Hydropower Data Insights Report 2010–25

Hydropower Data Insights cover

22 Oct 2021

Hydropower is set to become Africa’s third largest grid connected electricity source by 2025.

Data released as part of the Hydropower Data Insights Report 2010–25 shows that with more than 18GW of new capacity planned, hydropower may reach 56.5GW by 2025. Of this, large state-owned hydropower projects remain an effective solution to capacity growth across Africa, with more than 14GW of planned capacity up to 2025.

The findings are based on underlying aggregate data from African Energy Live Data, our proprietary database of more than 6,700 power projects and plants and the organisations behind them.

The report offers an essential grounding for any investor, lender or developer charting a strategy in this important market.

The excel format of the report provides incisive read-outs to support strategic decision-making, plus enables users to set their own parameters and to develop and test conclusions within their own analytical frameworks.

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