Gas-to-Power Data Insights Report 2010-24

11 Dec 2020

African Energy’s Gas-to-Power Data Insights Report 2010-2024 provides the most comprehensive and up-to-date analysis of the current status and trajectory of Africa’s rapidly expanding GTP generation sector.

Based on constantly updated proprietary data and in-house analytics, supported by graphs, tables and maps, the report offers an essential grounding for any investor, lender or developer charting a strategy in this dynamic market.

The analytical PDF comes with an excel containing underlying aggregate data from African Energy Live Data, our proprietary database of more than 6,500 power projects. This means the report not only provides incisive read-outs to support strategic decision-making, but also allows users to set their own parameters, and to develop and test conclusions within their own analytical frameworks.

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Key features
  • Data and analysis supporting the view that GTP and liquid/natural gas dual fuel installed capacity (MW) will increase by approximately 75% from now until 2030 reaching a total of 193GW
  • 39 pages of analysis, graphs and data
  • 38 detailed charts and infographics
  • Case studies on seven dominant gas consuming economies each with an African Energy map worth £80
  • Customisable excel of background data with 288 tables

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Reasons to buy:

  • Use our report to gain an understanding of how trends in GTP and dual fuel installation may impact on your operations and investments.
  • Gain insights into gas’s dominant role in Africa’s energy transition.
  • Access and analyse our data through an interactive Excel-based dashboard.
  • Inform your strategic decision-making on independent power generation forecasts based on the actual project development pipeline rather than estimates.
  • Compare historic trends, current position and planned developments of GTP and dual fuel generation by country, or region or see how the sector has developed across Africa.
  • Understand from the data how the markets which have seen the most rapid expansion of GTP capacity in recent years will now see slower growth while others are set for a very steep growth trajectory.
  • See a clear picture of how GTP is and will be positioned in the wider energy mix.
More details
  • Comprehensive information on installed GTP capacity – compared with other fuel types by country, region and pan-African – from 2010 to 2024. 
  • Breakdown of installed capacity 2010-2024.
  • Focus on installed capacity in North, West, East, Central and Southern Africa.
  • On-grid gas-to-power capacity to 2024.
  • Outlook on gas-to-power growth to 2024.
  • Detailed case studies on:
    • Egypt
    • Libya
    • Kenya
    • Nigeria
    • Senegal
    • Mozambique
    • South Africa
  • Excel of background data.

African Energy Gas-to-Power Data Insights 2010-24


Price: £345

Format: PDF and Excel

Pages: 39

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