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Battery supply chain challenges cause delays to projects across the continent

The global supply chain for lithium batteries is facing unprecedented challenges in the face of huge demand from electric vehicles and big spending from purchasers in wealthier markets. Compounded by supply bottlenecks, African projects face months and possibly years more of delay and price hikes, although the capacity of battery storage power projects should eventually start to climb from their very low level now.

Issue 466 - 01 August 2022

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Despite risks, ‘transition minerals’ could help to forge prosperity

The global energy transition is having profound impacts on natural resource producers, from the oil majors who are morphing into energy providers, to mining companies whose priorities are shifting as electric vehicles (EVs), battery storage and other new technologies take hold, and African governments and non-state actors who might profit from these changes but could also find themselves embroiled in new resource wars.

Issue 451 - 06 December 2021

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