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Kenyan presidential hopefuls await voters’ verdict, with much at stake for power sector

Kenyan elections always raise tensions and, sometimes, expectations – and opinion polls point to a close race for the presidency, in an important and tightly contested election in early August. The candidates’ energy policies look similar on paper, but investors expect very different approaches to emerge.

Issue 465 - 24 July 2022

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Resilient Opec+ keeps prices up, adding to consumer pain

The extent that markets have shifted since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in February has been underlined by a surge of energy diplomacy in recent weeks. Complex security issues were integral to United States President Joe Biden’s mid-July fist bump with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman Al-Saud, but an effort to reduce oil prices was the real agenda-setter.

Issue 465 - 22 July 2022

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