Power infrastructure in Rwanda, Burundi and Malawi – revised September 2020

Power map of Burundi, Rwanda and Malawi

Revised in September 2020, this map provides a detailed overview of the power sector in Rwanda, Burundi and Malawi. The locations of power generation facilities that are operating, under construction or planned are shown by type – including liquid fuels, hydroelectricity, solar (PV), wind, geothermal and biomass/biogas.

Generation sites are marked with different sized circles to show sites of 1-9MW, 10-99MW, 100-499MW and 500MW and above.

A small inset shows greater detail of the area around Kigali.

Existing and future transmission and distribution lines are shown ranging from 33kV to 400kV. Actual and planned cross-border interconnectors are also shown including lines from Rwanda to Uganda and Burundi to Tanzania and lines from Malawi to Mozambique and Zambia.

A small table lists Eastern Africa Power Pool 'urgent interconnection projects' that have been identified to be implemented by 2025.

Power generation data was drawn from our African Energy Live Data platform, which contains project level detail on power plants and projects across Africa.

The map is available as a PDF file using eps graphics, meaning that there is no loss of resolution as the file is enlarged.


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