African Energy Live Data is an interactive data platform that monitors power plants and analyses markets across the continent. Created and maintained by African energy sector experts, Live Data is the product of more than 20 years of research, knowledge and expertise.

Alongside constantly monitored project level detail on operating, under-construction and pipeline electricity generation projects Live Data subscriptions include access to the Data Tool – a full suite of analytical tools to determine past, current and pipeline electricity generating capacity by ownership, connection and fuel type from 2010-2022.

Live Data features quality controlled data for a range of variables, from technical details to corporate information - including project level data (equity holders and other entities, transactions, financing, offtake) and country data. For a complete list of fields please see the Data Catalogue

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The Data tool allows users to aggregate and breakdown the data from the platform and compare trends at a country and regional level from 2010 to 2025. Alongside live figures from the database, the data tool allows comparisons with economic and demographic trends, as well as other electricity sector vital statistics such as access to power. This allows users to place their projects into a strategic context and quickly assess fundamental prospects for business in every market on the continent.

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A live table illustrating the number of plants and total MWs that are Operating, Under construction and Planned may be found on the Live Data homepage and filtered by region. This table is updated whenever new project level information is added to African Energy Live Data. As of 6 may 2020 the table reads: Operating (2,959 projects),  Construction (244 projects), Planned (2,204 projects).

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African Energy has a history going back to 1998 of providing reliable and quality data in markets where other sources cannot be trusted. Live Data uses the same methods and team for its research and live updating processes, avoiding news articles and heading straight to the companies and authorities developing the projects to hear what is happening first hand.

If Live Data staff don’t have a high degree of confidence in the information, then it will not go into the database – more research is required by our team.

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Subscriptions to African Energy Live Data are tailored to your specific needs and can include access to a single country or a specific range that matches your business interests.

Subscribers to African Energy Live Data can access constantly updated data on operating, under-construction and pipeline electricity generation projects. Full subscriptions also include access to analytical tools in the Data Tool to determine past, current and pipeline electricity generating capacity by ownership, connection and fuel type from 2010-2024.

To discuss your requirements or arrange a demonstration, please contact:

Alex Wark

T: +44 (0)1424 721667


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No but if you would like to include access with your Live Data subscription, please contact our sales team.

Read more information about African Energy newsletter subscriptions or contact Tara Mulvey  –   T: +44 (0) 1424 721667.

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Please contact subscriptions manager Alex Wark at

Or call us on +44 (0) 1424 721667.

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Yes. With a database of more than 6,200 projects, Live Data has served as an integral part of the foundations for our power sector consultancy work. If you are interested in bespoke information and analysis please contact David Slater in our consultancy team to discuss what we can do to support you.

If you would like to monitor African Energy developments more closely please consider a subscription to our newsletter. First published in 1998, African Energy’s newsletter helps keep senior energy executives up to date with what is happening across the continent, including news and analysis of market developments, project awards and the political and governance issues that impact on the business environment.  Read more about subscriptions to the African Energy newsletter or contact

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We contact project stakeholders to put together project profiles and verify the information they contain. We aim to maintain a constant engagement with stakeholders across the industry and welcome any updates that can add to the quality of our database. To submit or verify project-level information please contact Camilla Nytun. Tel: +44(0)1424 721667.

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