AIX: Nairobi 2024

AIX Nairobi

28 February 2024 to 29 February 2024

Africa Investment Exchange (AIX) Nairobi will follow up on the main themes established at AIX Power & Renewbles and analyse the progress – and possible lack of traction – towards establishing a climate finance agenda that speeds African electricity supply industry development following the COP28 global climate finance summit in Dubai.

Held under the Chatham House Rule, it aims to bring stakeholders together to discuss how best to implement commitments and fashion policy and project development agendas.

    Key themes for 2024

    • Review of Kenya's renewable energy generation policy
    • Balancing renewables and the impact of regional integration on the energy mix
    • How does the IPP mode fit in? Is it actually fit for purpose?
    • New opportunities and strategic investing in the region – is hydrogen really the answer?
    • Are long-standing bottlenecks finally being overcome?
    • Driving investments in electrical vehicles
    • Is the future reality off-grid? How will C&I evolve?

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    Ensuring African voices are heard

    African Energy is providing free passes for small independent African-based enterprises and African utilities, regulators and public sector officials to join our AIX meetings in person or online.

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