Africa Investment Exchange (AIX): Energy in Transition

AIX: Energy in Transition

17 April 2023 - 18 April 2023

RSA House, London

AIX: Energy in Transition will examine how to deliver affordable and reliable energy across the continent and meet SDG7 ambitions. The two-day discussion under the Chatham House Rule will also focus on  energy security, the role of gas in Africa’s energy transition and emerging decarbonisation technologies including low carbon hydrogen, advanced civil nuclear and carbon capture, utilisation and storage (CCUS).

Produced by African Energy and held under the Chatham House Rule, the meeting is known for its knowledge-led approach and unusually robust debate.

The meeting provides a forum for high-level executives and government officials to constructively discuss challenges, new ideas and trends in the energy sector.

Key themes to be discussed:

  • Energy in transition: reconciling security and sustainability: How to deliver affordable and reliable energy across the continent, and meet SDG7 ambitions.
  • Global gas and LNG markets: International geopolitics and its impact on Africa’s gas market.
  • Industrial pathways: Can transition energies speed up industrialisation?
  • Financing hydrogen: Accessing carbon markets and international infrastructure capital for African H2 and NH3.
  • ESG is more than an acronym: A balanced discussion of how ESG is evolving
  • Regional opportunities: Focus on the scale of gas resources, demand potential, market development and integration with neighbouring countries.
  • Blue hydrogen + CCS: Can innovations in CCS and hydrogen open up new opportunities and future-proof existing infrastructure?
  • Scaling-up Africa’s fertiliser supply: Strategies to increase domestic fertiliser production across the continent.
  • C&I gas and renewables: New opportunities for investment
  • Hydropower, geothermal, nuclear and other contenders for zero-carbon baseload supply.

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