26 June 2019 to 27 June 2019
Royal Maxim Palace Kempinski Cairo, First Settlement, 11477, Cairo Egypt

The Middle East and North African region has an attractive market for renewables due to abundant availability of solar and wind resources. According to a recent report by one of the leading Global Renewable Energy Agencies, the expected regional renewable energy investments could reach $35 billion per year by 2020. Also recently, the MENA region has received some of the lowest renewable energy prices awarded globally for solar PV and wind energy.


Renewable energy has multiple advantages for MENA Region in the form of energy security, improved air quality, reduced GHG emissions, boosting employment opportunities, apart from augmenting water and food security. The business case for renewable energy proliferation in MENA is strengthened by plentiful availability of natural energy resources and tumbling solar PV technology costs which are leading to record low renewable power generation costs.


This forum will be covering the key sectors of the renewable energy such as the solar power, wind power, Biomass energy, geothermal energy, hydro energy and power storage and their potential implications on the countries national energy mix. While, the ultimate aim of this forum is to provide a complete outlook into renewable energy market development in the region.


This event is organised by Traicon, please visit the website here.