19 February 2020 to 21 February 2020
Centre International de Conférence de Kintélé Brazzaville, Congo

The Ministry of Hydrocarbons of the Republic of Congo and AME Trade Ltd are delighted to announce that the 4th edition of the Congo’s International Oil & Conference and Exhibition, CIEHC 2020, will take place from 19-21 February 2020 at the Centre International de Conférence de Kintélé Brazzaville, Congo.


The Republic of Congo is currently the third largest oil producing country in sub-Saharan Africa and the CIEHC is the official platform for the government to share and discuss its vision for the future of the national oil and gas industry with the key stakeholders in the country.


Building on the success of the previous edition, which gathered over 700 participants, CIEHC 2020 will be held under the theme: “Creation of a local value chain and use of hydrocarbon resources as a catalyst for socio-economic development, economic diversification and integration in the region”.


This event is organised by AMETrade. Visit the website here.