The Botswana Conference whilst primarily focused on mining as indicated there will be key presentations on Botswana's coal beneficiation from proposed power projects  and the CTL project. In addition Strata X Energy has a CBM project, Shumba Energy is working on Coal To Liquids project. Botswana has vast coal deposits which it also hoped to convert to power project due the power deficit in the SADC region Investors particularly love Botswana as it is Africa's safest investment destination.


Botswana is Africa’s safest mining investment destination with a track record to match with its consistent attractive mining policies and enabling operating environment.The High Level Forum will provide insight into the vast opportunities for investors in Botswana mining including existing and planned projects .In addition to diamonds for which Botswana is one of the world leaders, Botswana has numerous mineral projects at various stages of development from some of the largest coal deposits in Africa , CTL,mining infrastructure, base metals , manganese & PGMs and other minerals The largely unexplored Kalahari copperbelt has potential of transforming Botswana into Africa’s next copper frontier.


Companies operating in Botswana include AngloAmerican’s De Beers, Debswana, Lucara Diamonds, Gem Diamonds, Botswana Diamonds, Shumba Energy, MOD Resources (recently acquired by Sandfire Resources), Minergy Coal, Strata - X Energy, Cupric Canyon , Shumba Energy and many others. 


Network with local and international corporations involved and or exploring investment and business opportunities in Botswana's mining sector. Hear first-hand from the Government officials and industry experts. The Conference will use the Botswana Mining Investment Promotion as a backdrop for leading industry experts and Botswana stakeholders to discuss the mining industry globally and then honing in on Botswana with a mix of expert Panelists.  



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