02 April 2019 to 05 April 2019
Sipopo International Conferences Hall, Malabo, Equatorial Guinea

In 2019 the African Petroleum Producers Organization, APPO, will present its seventh edition of the African Petroleum Congress and Exhibition.


This conference, organized by Africa Oil & Power, entails a first-level meeting of oil ministers, top-level executives and opinion leaders. In a time of positive growth for Africa’s oil and gas sector, APPO offers the members of the African energy industry this exceptional platform. For the continent’s oil producers this represents an opportunity to guarantee the prosperity and stability by gathering and jointly generate ideas.


Starting from governmental cooperation, moving through the coordination of the private sector and concluding with intercontinental alliances, we shed light on energy coalitions needed to achieve progress. In this 7th African Petroleum Congress and Exhibition. We invite all stakeholders to contribute with their vision for the advancement of the energy sectors of Africa.


This event is organised by Africa Oil and Power. Visit the website here. 

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