12h00 to 13h30 (GMT)

Investment decisions in East and Southern Africa

Rovuma Basin schemes have reached final investment decisions and financial close, and South Africa is looking to implement some of its ambitious GTP schemes. The focus on this region should be intense.

  • Steve Husbands, Head of Commercial, Oil & Gas Advisory, SLR
  • Paul Eardley-Taylor, Oil & Gas, Southern Africa, Standard Bank
  • Alessandro Nanotti, Political Analyst Tore Horvei, Director, Thunder Energy

13h30 (GMT) Online networking

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14h00 to 15h30 (GMT)

Gas-to-power investment strategies

The session will focus on different elements of the GTP value chain: IPPs and embedded GTP. Potential synergies for upstream operators, power developers and finance.

Can power developers be expected to co-invest in floating regasification and other non-traditional supply solutions. Are current corporate structures (‘upstream operator’, ‘power developer’ etc) appropriate for the coming market? What roles do liquid fuels have to play?

  • Oscar Amonoo-Neizer, Executive Secretary, Energy Commission, Ghana
  • Dafe Akpeneye, Commissioner, Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission
  • Chiedu Ugbo, Chief Executive Officer, Niger Delta Power Holding Company
  • Oti Ikomi, Chief Executive Officer, Proton Energy
  • John Smelcer, Business Development Director, Globeleq

15h30 to 17h00 (GMT)

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