21 April 2020 to 22 April 2020
Cape Town, South Africa

Africa continues to be the continent with a great amount of water resources and renewable energy potentials but little to show for it with only about seven per cent of the economically feasible African hydropower being developed. Presently, African hydropower is responsible for 84 per cent of all non-fossil fuel energy use and with the continent rich in lakes and rivers, opportunities for expanding African hydropower are huge. The good news for everyone involved in the African hydropower industry is that in the face of rampant energy poverty, African governments are increasingly turning to renewable sources to spur development and improve lives and livelihoods. Among these resources is hydropower. This presents a good outlook for the future of African hydropower and the African Hydropower summit, an African power conference, will be looking at the gains achieved so far and the challenges ahead.


There is no doubt that there is significant potential for hydropower in Africa. Major multipurpose water resources schemes, including many large regional hydro projects, are moving ahead in Africa at an unprecedented rate. This sector is uniquely essential to deliver real benefit to Africa because hydropower sector offers benefits beyond clean energy. Hydropower comes with the added advantage as serving as being good for flood control, irrigation and sometimes, recreational activities. African Hydropower event will explore how to maximize the range of added value the sector brings, how those benefits are central to policy making across African Governments, and how to ensure hydro’s unique selling points are properly recognized.


Issues discussed at the African Hydropower Forum will be focusing on climate issues, potential and development opportunities, cross-border collaboration, multipurpose developments, as well as technical, environmental and financial challenges covering all regions of the African continent in the hydropower sector. This event will also explore the barriers facing the sector with hopes that it will begin a real conversation on how to recognize all the benefits of hydropower.


At this critical time for the hydro sector, the African Hydropower conference will bring together industry leaders and political influencers to debate and discuss the key issues facing the industry. This African hydroelectricity summit will bring together industry professionals in Africa (a continent with excellent infrastructure and a variety of dams) and beyond to discuss water and energy issues relevant to Africa. It will cover areas like civil works and challenging conditions, hydrology, and flood and drought management, hydro technology, environmental and social aspects, and other important issues facing the industry.


The African Hydropower summit will feature prominently speakers from leading countries and industries for hydro development; and owners and operators will exchange experience with engineers from nations that have future plans to implement.


This event is organised by MJD International. Visit the website here.