21 November 2017 to 23 November 2017

The 7th International Mali Mining and Petroleum Conference & Exhibition (JMP) is set to take place in Bamako, Mali from the 21 – 23 November 2017, bringing together delegates and speakers from all over the world.

Established as one of the West Africa’s leading extractive industry conferences, this event is organised by the Ministry of Mines of Mali, in partnership with AME Trade Ltd.

This year’s theme is

“Utilising Mali’s natural resource wealth for the benefit of future generations”

As the third largest gold producer in Africa, the Ministry aims to strategically develop the national economy through mining revenues. Recent discoveries have elevated Mali’s estimated gold reserves to 822 t, or around 16 years of output at current production levels, attracting more interest in the region.

This in turn, creates additional investment opportunities through expanding and developing reliable energy and transport infrastructure projects.

This internationally recognised conference focuses on encouraging diversification, furthering economic development, improving infrastructure and increasing socio-economic benefits by attracting investors into a vastly untapped mining market.

Attending this event allows delegates to gain mining and petroleum industry insights and learn about the latest technologies and products whilst building brand awareness and key relationships for the benefit of their business.


Please visit: http://ametrade.org/jmp/?utm_source=jmp&utm_medium=banner&utm_campaign=mining_petroleum