It is essential to know who you are dealing with – and their history – when you have found a project or a potential local partner. African Energy’s parent company Cross-border Information has a dedicated due diligence team which for over a decade has provided clients with an accurate view of the reputation, history and connections of current or potential counterparties, enabling them to identify problems and to mitigate risks to their business.

Investigations are overseen by our regional specialists – who constantly monitor jurisdictions in Africa and the Middle East – alongside trusted in-country researchers. This gives CbI a deep understanding of a jursdiction's commercial and political environments, which allows our experts to immediately focus on a client's specific research needs.

Where necessary, in-country researchers conduct paper-based searches of the relevant registries, courts, ministries or agencies. We also obtain local information from in-country sources to reconcile discrepancies and provide insights that contextualise the position of a company or individual. 

For further information on our reputational due diligence and corporate business intelligence capabilities please contact:

Eleanor Gillespie