For over a decade African Energy has helped clients manage their exposure to political, security and energy sector risks via detailed confidential monthly briefings on Algeria and Libya.

Our monthly reports, supplied to a number of international oil and gas companies, focused on providing considered analysis on political events, management reshuffles within important state-owned institutions and private sector companies, policy changes, and exploration and production developments within the oil and gas sectors.

African Energy’s North Africa experts, who have been following energy and political developments in the region for over two decades, work closely with our trusted network of in-country associates to gather critical business intelligence and provide clients a balanced yet frank opinion on developments in these opaque markets.

For further information on our strategic advisory and energy sector monitoring capabilities or to discuss developments in North Africa please contact:

Jon Marks
t: +44 (0)1424 721667

John Hamilton
t: +44 (0)207 839 5982