African Energy’s consultancy team has launched a new series of easy to digest reports, mixing analysis of the sector with unique data drawn from our African Energy Live Data platform.

The African Energy Power Report series provides instant market intelligence to those seeking new opportunities or for those looking to refresh their knowledge of Africa’s ever developing markets.

The reports present executives, financiers, investors, policy-makers and other stakeholders with a concise but authoritative document that provides an overview of a country’s politics, risk profile and the major macroeconomic and business trends that impact on projects. Each report profiles key players in the sector, market structure, fuel supply, tariff information, the competitive landscape, procurement initiatives, and T&D infrastructure.

The reports are Illustrated through maps and graphs, with exclusive power sector data from African Energy Live Data – including 15-year (2010-24) trends on installed capacity, broken down by fuel, technology, provinces.

Completed reports:

  • Published March 2020, the South Africa Power Report 2020/21 finds that while electricity market reforms will promote capital investment and flow into and within the power sector, investors and lenders navigating the market need to beware. Read more
  • Published February 2020, the Egypt Power Report 2020 analyses sector planning through to 2035, questions the implications of ambitious supply targets that could see the country end up with an enormous surplus of 74.4GW by 2035 and outlines the market’s attractions and downsides. Read more
  • Published August 2019 (and revised November 2019 to include a medium-term outlook), the Kenya Power Report 2019/20 examines the effects of the new Energy Act, signed in to law by President Kenyatta in March 2019, and outlines the market’s attractions and downsides for power developers, financiers and other stakeholders. Read more  (Also see: Kenya power: 4GW target in sight but challenges persist)
  • Published June 2019, the Ghana Power Report 2019/20 questions comfortable assumptions about Ghanaian governance, policy implementation and investability. Read more  (Also see: Ghana: PDS concession suspension provides setback for power sector)

For more information on the Power Report series, contact David Slater, Head of Projects. Tel: +44 (0)1424 721667.