Guinea: Electricity supply in Conakry – an economic, social and environmental impact study

Challenge: A development finance institution required a major evidence of impact study into power supply considerations in Conakry, covering economic, social and environmental impacts.

Solution: We conducted a major primary research study in the form of a large number of face-to-face interviews. This constituted the majority of the primary research of the study and generated a considerable body of work.

From this raw data, African Energy was able to draw a large range of key statistical insights such as the average number of outages per day different regions of the city, the average annual sales lost due to electrical outages and school and hospital impacts.

Our work also included:

An overview of the Conakry electricity supply industry (ESI), drawn from in-house materials and experience.

An emissions assessment based on the potential displacement of private generators.

Finally, Case Studies provided a qualitative investigation sounding local opinion about stakeholders’ relationships with the ESI.

The study created a number of new insights into the relationship between energy supply and outcomes in one of the poorest urban areas in the world.

Consultancy contacts

John Hamilton
Managing director and senior analyst, North Africa

Ajay Ubhi
Senior research analyst

Marc Howard
Senior research analyst

Tel: +44 (0)1424 721667

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