​​​​​​​Egypt: Gas-to-power project feasibility study

Challenge: A power developer requested an electricity and gas demand and supply analysis for a proposed gas-to-power investment in Egypt.

Solution: We identified and analysed electricity generation projects in the pipeline to establish a fully qualified 10-year on-grid supply forecast. This was compared to an estimation of electricity demand over the same period to assess the space for new privately sponsored gas-to-power opportunities. An analysis of natural gas production and development plans allowed us to prepare a gas supply forecast to establish whether there would be sufficient supply to meet both power sector and other domestic demand. We also provided actual and estimated tariff information on existing and planned power projects to establish where a new gas-to-power project would fit within the payment waterfall, as well as detailed information on gas pricing and the cost and future of LNG imports.

Result: Based on the findings of our report, the client decided not to pursue a gas-to-power IPP investment in Egypt and instead opted for focus on investments elsewhere in the continent.

Consultancy contacts

John Hamilton
Managing director and senior analyst, North Africa

Ajay Ubhi
Head of data

Marc Howard
Senior research analyst

Tel: +44 (0)1424 721667

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