Ajay Ubhi

Ajay Ubhi

Head of data

Ajay’s role is to conduct and oversee research and analysis for African Energy’s consultancy work, with a focus on power sector forecasting and data analytics.

His work gives clients insights and understanding of African power markets to help them identify potential market segments for investment and to provide a clearer understanding of the power market landscape in relation to policy and electricity supply.

Ajay joined African Energy in 2017 and has worked on consultancy reports for a wide variety of clients including private equity firms, development finance institutions, private power developers and other public institutions. He previously worked as a petroleum geologist for a UK-based service company, having worked and led many projects in sub-Saharan Africa.

Ajay completed a master’s degree in international development in 2016 at the University of Birmingham where he conducted research into sustainable energy for rural communities in Kenya.

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Phone: +44 (0)1424 721667

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Managing director and senior analyst, North Africa

Ajay Ubhi
Head of data

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Tel: +44 (0)1424 721667